Friday, 27 June 2014

been proven wrong

I have had many people walk in and out of my life. And a lot of them have been anything but nice to me.  Over the years most of my friend have turn against me and hurt me in some way. I got to the point last year where I could not go through that any more. I honestly though I was better off alone. But  then won  day last year my opinion changed, in fact my hole life changed its never been quite the same since.

It all started with me needing to go down to my local Conner store. I had not been feeling to well that day but manged to get round the store but fainted at the checkout. The girl who was serving me came and help me along with other kind people. The store manger then ask the girl to walk me home, to make shore I was  ok. We both got on really well and by the time we had walk to my flat we had clicked. i could of carried on talking to her for the rest of the day. It was so nice to finally talk to someone who had the same opinions as me. I gave her my number but as doing so i new in the back of my mind I  would never hear off her again. I got prove 'en wrong that day, she messaged me as soon as she fished her shived .
when i first met her i worried that when she sore the real me, she would be scerd away. but To my grate surprise she stayed and excepted me for exactly who i am. In a such short space of time we became best friends.
i have learnt so much from her it unbelievable, i have so much to thank her for. She has always help me to be my self and  tough me not to change for others. she also tough me that growing up was no bad thing and you could be adult and still have fun an act like a kid. i have actually learnt from us falling out too. I've learnt about love, patience and bounders, i done so much growing up sinse knowing her. I like to say I've  become more sensible but actually i have become more crazy and weird in a good way.
we have been through so much together, threes not Manny situations i  haven't been in with her. we both  have been there for each other through the low and the highs and we definitely  have fallen out a hell of a lot.  To the point were i honestly thought we were not going to last. But all the satiation we've  been in has just made are relationship stronger.  It now been nine months since we met, un i feel so lucky to have found someone like her. you don't often come a cross people like her she a won of a kind. i have spent years trying to find someone like her and am so glad i found her. i known this might sound cheesy but she is honestly won of the best things to have happened to me. i don't no what i do with out her. i feel so dam rich having her in my life. it was like winning the lottery when i met her. am always so thank full of her for every thing she dose for me she always her for me no matter what. i  love her more than anything else in the world.

she proven  me wrong in so Manny ways every day , like her staying when the going get tuff. un haw loyal she always is i finally learnt that there are  still people about that you can trust. not every won will turn there back on you. i never come a gross a girl like her before she so Unix. i never thought i be writing a blog like this let alone feeling like i do. i feel so natural round her like i dont have to fake a think. which i did in the past with others.
i cant believe haw much my opinion has changed since i met her. she help me grow as a person for the better and is honestly won reason for me still been here to day..

you may wonder why on earth i am telling you all of this and i guess in a way. i wonted to try and show you all, that not every won is the same.  to not give up hope like i nearly did there will always be someone who cares or someone out there who would love to be your best friend or lover or both. un  to really really cherish that person if you find them because i can honesty tell you there one in a billion. dont close your heart to new things and people haw every much you might have been hurt.  your missing a lot if you do shy away from finding new people to be with. i know it is making your self vunrabel by buting your self out there. but i tell you it can be so worth it some times !

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